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Rheem's 2023 Regulatory Guide

Rheem SEER2 Product Line Overview

KENTUCKY: Split air conditioners compliance is based on date of installation. 14 Seer AC units must be commissioned by December 31st, 2022. Heat pumps and packaged AC systems manufactured prior to 1/1/2023 can continue to be installed, provided the equipment was compliant at the time it was produced.

NORTH: Compliance based on date of manufacture.

Contractor App

The Contractor App is a mobile application that allows you to connect to Rheem equipment for setup, diagnostics, and repairs as well as providing other tools to HVAC technicians. 

Download more information about the Contractor App here.

Click here for more information about the Contractor App

The Contractor App allows you to:

  • Set up, diagnose, and repair HVAC products via Bluetooth.
  • Sell HVAC products, offer financing, rebates, and extended warranties
  • Verify and look up warranties
  • Access all the available product documents.
  • Up to date SEER2 (M1) product information.

Must have a myrheem.com log in to access full features and benefits of the app.


As the new DOE Requirements take effect Jan. 1, 2023, Rheem will be ready with the all-new Endeavor™ Line of Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and Air Handlers. Learn more from the Rheem Manufacturing Company.

See an overview of the Endeavour line here.

Review the Rheem Endeavor Line Case Study: Miami

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy Fit: We raised efficiency without drastically increasing equipment size
  • Easy Installation: Bluetooth connectivity for easier, more accurate commissioning
  • Easy Service: Better accessibility and Bluetooth diagnostics
  • Easy Registration: Register warranties and claim rewards via mobile app
  • Quieter Operation: Brushless motors and acoustics-conscious design
  • More Choices: Industry-leading Heat Pump selection plus all-electric solutions
  • Smart Home Compatibility: EcoNet® technology available in more products

Changes to Electric Heater Kits for the Endeavor™ Line of Air Handlers.

  • Smart, plug-and-play operation
  • Up to 3 stages of operation
  • Backward Compatibility
  • Hydronic Applications

Performance Highlights:

  • The Rheem Endeavor Line, with Rheem Contractor App-based commissioning via Bluetooth technology, features up to 54% faster installation over other residential HVAC brands.
  • The Rheem Endeavor Line with the Rheem Contractor App via Bluetooth technology features up to 62% faster overall diagnostics over other residential HVAC brands.
  • The Rheem Endeavor Line, featuring our PlusOne™ Triple Service Access, enables up to 93% faster coil cleaning over other residential HVAC brands.
  • The EcoNet Enabled, Rheem Endeavor Line features up to 50% faster overall installation over other residential HVAC brands.

Per a 2022 MIAT Residential HVAC Competitive Time Study on base and mid-tier Endeavor™ Line products and commercially available competitor units of similar product tier.


Along with all the new HVAC efficiency changes and new testing procedures required for 2023, ENERGY STAR® is also adjusting their criteria for next year to include new SEER2, EER2 and HPSF2 minimum rating requirements for air conditioners and heat pumps.

New EcoNet® 800 Series Thermostat for the Rheem® Endeavor™ Line

The Rheem EcoNet thermostat is exclusively optimized to run communicating Variable Speed Outdoor units.


  • Quick and optimized equipment setup.
  • Detailed equipment diagnostics.
  • Internet Connectivity and ability for homeowner to share Alarms and data with contractors using the EcoNet app.

Advantages related to variable speed operation, such as:

  • Less equipment cycling, longer run times, in turn, longer life of equipment.
  • Improved dehumidification.
  • Enhanced temperature control.
  • Quiet equipment operation.
  • Increased dollar savings for the homeowner & many more.

Rheem® is excited to announce changes to the Electric Heater Kits for the Endeavor™ Line of Air Handlers

Smart, Plug-and-Play Operation

Using an exclusive, custom, patent pending connector and self-identifying technology, these Heater Kits are automatically recognized and set up by the Communicating Air handler Control. There is no need to manually select the Heater kit size in the thermostat as the built-in electronic chip inside the connector of the heater kit provides the necessary information to the control to set up appropriate air flows and staging.

Up to 3 Stages of Operation

13KW and higher sizes will be available in 3-stage configuration. However, these Heater Kits will be able to run in 2-stage mode on existing Rheem Air handlers.

Backward Compatibility

The new heater kits are fully backward compatible and can be used with existing Rheem Air Handlers, manufactured after 2016, by using an adapter, Part Number 45-106229-04.

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